054: Why you should switch to an eco-friendly mattress

Did you know that we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping? We have heard a lot about the differences between organic and non-organic food and the benefits of organic food, so why not have a mattress that will also have more benefits, allowing you a more comfortable rest and being able to have a positive influence on Mama Earth too.

How to start to take your mattress apart

How to upcycle your mattress

Some of the top eco-mattress brands globally


Key Take Away

“We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping”

When we discover how harmful the chemicals are that the regular mattress is made of it is hard to not see how damaging that is to our health. We all require sleep in order to be more productive and to also stay healthy, therfore it is for something to look into and it might not be something that you change overnight but with the standard mattress lifespan being 7-10 years, I am sure you will replace the mattress soon and hopefully then you would be able to change for an eco-mattress. Not only is it better for your health but these mattresses have a much longer lifespan as well.

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