051: Why Sustainable Cities are required for a greener future?

Dr Steven CohenThe planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (0.9 degrees Celsius) since the late 19th century, a change primarily driven by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere. In today’s episode, we talk to Dr Steven Cohen about climate change, the EPA as well as his book The Sustainable City. Dr Cohen is no stranger to the field of sustainability; he is a professor in the Practice of Public Affairs, Columbia University Director, MS (Master of Science) and MPA (Master of Public Administration) Programs in Sustainability. He has been an advisor to many boards and committees over the years, and I am so excited to share the episode with all you crazy birds today.


Episode Highlights

Final Five

1.What is one social media platform that you follow?

Earth Institute

2.What is your hope for mama earth going forward?

 My hope is that people learn to really treasure the resources that we have. I think they do already do more than they use to and I hope that that just continues. 

3.What advise can you give our crazy birds this week to help out mama earth?

Don’t’ pay that much attention to those people who deny climate change, they know in their heart that it is really happening. 

4.What is one sustainability fact that you like to use in a room with people not yet on a sustainability journey?

 I like to remind them of the fact especially if they have children and grandchildren that they may enjoy the fruits of the planet as we have it today but they really have to ask themselves, I am a new grandfather. I have a year and half old granddaughter and you know when I look at projections about 2070 you know I won’t be here but she will. God, willingly she will and I wanna make sure that the planet she inherited in inhabitable. 

5.Where can people find you?

Email: sc32(at)columbia (dot) edu



Key Take Away

“The way I always put is, is that everybody likes to breathe, you know we kind of gotten used to it. “

We have for sure gotten used to breathing and it seems that we often forget how important it is to be able to breathe fresh air and that we need to also realise that what we are doing to the planet will, in fact, affect the air that we breathe.

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