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061: How being Cheeki can save the planet, one bottle at a time.

Did you know that the current rate off plastic bottle being sold worldwide is one million bottles per minute? Imagine if you only had one reusable bottle and refilled that every day. How many plastic bottles do you think you would save? Our guest today has a passion for creative brand storytelling, she has been…

060: Why you should adopt rather than shop for your next pet

Adopt Rather Than Shop

Today we are going to have a look at something that really touched my heart the last few months and that is animals in shelters. When I heard the statistic that only 1 in 10 dogs born finds a forever home I was shocked.   I have always known about the animals not having homes…

059: The Shocking Truth About Biodegradable Plastics and PLA

Trace Dominguez

Recently there has been a lot of greenwashing going on about biodegradable and PLA products. Some companies love to tell us how wonderful their products are and that they are completely compostable or degradable in some cases they are and in most cases, they have some fine print, stating in an industrial compost facility. A few…