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082: How to downsize without downgrading?

Scott Wilson

In today’s’ episode we will be talking to the Design Director and Co-Founder of ZeroSquared, Scott Wilson. Scott and his team have been transforming the way we look at tiny house living by living up to their slogan, “to downsize without downgrading”.  Where can people find Scott? Facebook Instagram Website Key Take Away “We can let go…


081: Why purchasing better quality furniture is more sustainable

Tomi Hartmann

In today’s’ episode we will be talking to the general manager of Fritz Kohl Middle East, Tomi Hartmann.  Fritz Kohl is one of the biggest veneer mills in the world and they created Table House 3 years ago in the UAE, producing one of a kind tabletops.  Where can people find Tomi? Facebook Instagram Key Take Away “We need to be…

080: Why we all need Eco-Heroes

Colette Barr

In today’s’ episode we will be talking to the founder of Save Our World and Author of The Eco-heroes environmental children’s book series. She had some great advice on how we can talk to our children about important topics when it comes to sustainability.   Crazy birds, without any further ado, I would like to…


079: Why cleaning with chemicals is bad for your health


Did you know that 1 out of every 3 chemical cleaning products contains ingredients known to cause human health or environmental problems?  Our guest today is the CEO at Green Touches Echoes of Sustainability.  She is a dedicated environmentalist. Striving to cause disruption in the cleaning and FM industry in the UAE and Middle Eastern region.  …

078: How you can change your habits this Plastic Free July

Rebecca Price-Ruiz

Did you know that the most plastics that have been found in one single bird’s stomach was 274 fragments of plastics in a single chic and that is the equivalent of you or I having 8kg of plastic in our stomachs? Our guest today is Rebecca Prince-Ruiz the Founder of the ‘for-purpose’ Plastic Free Foundation, a not-for-profit that brings the…