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I love having great conversations and would love to share some of those where I was on the other side of the mic answering questions.

Hot on the heels of Earth Day, which saw people around the world turn
their attention to the planet, BAZAAR chats to one of the sustainability
industry’s leader to talk all things green. Mariska Nell works as an
artist, creating quirky pieces out of trash. She also offers her expertise
to those just starting out on their sustainability journey, helping people
learn how to cut down on their waste, use less plastic and make better
choices for the planet.

This week on the podcast I got to talk to an artist who makes treasure out of trash, literally! Mariska Nell is a Zero Waste hero who loves to reduce her waste and then use it to create incredible art pieces! I was fascinated by her story and her tips on how we can reduce our waste each day.

Listen to her tips on being more conscious and doing it in a simple and slow way, as well as hearing about her podcast, Mama Earth Talk.

It was quite funny through chatting with her in Australia that we learned we went to the same high school in South Africa! A very small world.

Creativity through the lens of an Artivist (artist & environmentalist)

"Creativity is to express myself, think a bit outside the box and to be uniquely me."

Mariska is an artivist (artist & environmentalist) and the host of the Mama Earth Talk podcast. As a painter, sculpture and digital artist her art mediums include acrylic on canvas with recycled materials used in both canvases and sculptural work.  A few years ago, she started to experiment with trash️ in her artwork. She got curious about her new medium and before she knew it, she was spending hours researching how it affects the environment. This created a yearning within her to push her creativity and connect more with nature, and it was not long after that she found myself at the top of Kilimanjaro admiring the world from above. She decided to quit corporate life to focus on her new found passion for the planet, and as they say, the rest was history.

Mariska's global experience with Azraq, Nespresso and Dubai International Airport lends to her passion for sustainable business.
She not only knows the research and tips to grow a business sustainably from the ground up, she also lives and breathes her ethos through creating art from trash. Before you picture a crazy trash lady with garbage bags hanging off her as she rampages down the street, we'll just quietly let you know that her pieces are part of the collections of South African comedian and The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, actor and environmentalist, Adrian Grenier, Entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuck, NBA player Denver Nuggets and more.
Real Hit #31: Mama Earth Talk w/ Mariska Nell. How to build a socially sustainable organisation and scale with Claude Silver.

In this episode, Mariska talks to Claude Silver. She is the Chief Heart Officer at Gary Vaynerchuck’s Vayner Media.

During this episode, she takes a look at social sustainability in the workplace and the effects it has on productivity as well as the moral of the team. She also talked about why people need people that listen, and then DO something.

How much trash do you generate in 30 days?

Do you even notice it?

What if you had to wear all the trash you created for 30 days? That is exactly what Mariska did in her 30-day challenge to raise awareness on just how much trash we generate.

Make sure you watch the full interview to learn more about how Mariska is raising awareness on just how badly we need to switch to a zero-waste lifestyle and what she does to bring awareness to this space by creating beautiful pieces of art.

The Friendly Futurist:

Previously on The Friendly Futurist, we have covered NFTs, we have covered climate change, but have we covered green NFTS?

Our special guest is Perth-based NFT artist, passionate sustainability advocate, and host of the Mama Earth Talk podcast, Mariska Nell.

Mariska talks about her life's work, on all things sustainability, and how to balance out minting on Ethereum, by adding in utility and community inside her NFT community with worthwhile causes.

Check her podcast out here, you crazy birds. Where I got interviewed on her show.

Remember, folks, that this podcast is for educational purposes only and should not be seen as financial advice. Please do your own research before making any financial or investment decisions.

Mariska is an artivist (activist & environmentalist). It’s when she found herself at the top of the Kilimanjaro, admiring the world from above, that she realized something she already knew : our planet is beautiful and it’s time to do something to protect it.
So she started to experiment with her art, using trash in her artwork. She saw the real potential of this new idea, and all the powerful messages she could convey to the world through her creative endaviours.
Sustainability is her passion, and like any passionate people, she felt the need to share it. So she started a podcast the Mamma Earth Talk, to keep on learning about it, and share with her audience, tips and information about how to change things step by step.

Conservation Tribe

Using ART to bridge the environmental communication gap - Mariska,
Designer and Artist

The Matrix Green Pill

In this episode, we discuss Mariska’s journey, which includes scaling Kilimanjaro and stepping away from her corporate career to pursue her passion for raising awareness for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We talk about zero waste, her art, her Mama Earth Talk podcast, and some of the memorable moments during her journey. Listen to her truly inspiring story.

Green Planet Blue Planet

This weeks episode is with Mariska Nell, creator of the Mama Earth Talk Podcast. She is originally from South Africa, studied BA Interior Design in Pretoria and practises as a designer and artist in South Africa, UAE and Australia.

Getting in the Loop

In this episode, Mariska tells us how she became interested in
climate activism and the unique way she went about raising sustainability
awareness in the UAE. You will also learn about her motivation to start the
Mama Earth Talk podcast and what she has learned from talking with experts
all over the world having produced the podcast for over two years.

Two Nobodys Podcast

Mariska Nell joins the Two Nobodys for a conversation about her journey towards becoming passionate about zero waste and sustainability and using art to translate her passion. Mariska highlights how easy it can be to live sustainably, and the impact one can have.

Social Experiment with Haifa Beseisso

Invited my family for a meal they didn’t expect !!! And this was their reaction

All "food" prepared by Mariska Nell and a special guest appearance from her during the episode.

RAIDED by a Zero-Waste Activist!

My friend Mariska is a zero-waste activist and has always inspired me to be more sustainable at home and when I travel! This week she came to my house to show me just how unsustainable I am!