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048: Organisations that helped my sustainable journey

Lonely Whale2018, just blew past so quickly and we are now looking at a new year with new adventures and maybe some challenges too. In today’s top tip Thursday I look at two organisations that have helped me a lot on my sustainable journey and they are plastic free July and Lonely Whale.
I find it so important to be able to have organisations like this that you can support and that is able to support you and provide you hope for the future with the work that they do.

Plastic-Free July

Lonely Whale


Key Take Away

” Just start with one item that would be easy for you to replace and take it from there.”

You do not have to feel that you need to save the world overnight or transform your house into a plastic-free haven overnight. It is all part of the journey. If you are going to do too much and burn yourself out. You might not able to sustain that lifestyle and would become frustrated and this can lead you do not want to continue with this journey. Therefore take it one step at a time. Find communities that share your passion and do what you can as it is not a race.



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