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039: Kaméa Chayne

Kaméa Chayne
Our guest today is the host of Green Dreamer Podcast, the Founder of Conscious Fashion Collective, an author, and a Duke-certified Integrative Health Coach. She’s also been named “Millennial Pioneer in Sustainable Living” by Halfstack Mag and as one of the “Top Wellness Influencers” by Origin Magazine.

Crazy birds, without any further ado, I would like to welcome, Kaméa Chayne.

Episode Highlights

[01:28] How did your sustainable journey start?

[03:01] Also later on reading this book called Ecologist Guide To Fashion.

[05:34] I pivoted because I did not just wanted to focus on me and the brands that I either personally bought or partnerships with brands because so many amazing brands out there ones I started doing more research on this topic and I didn’t feel the need myself to literally own something from all these brands in order to talk about them. I just wanted a space to share all the options that we have out there.

[07:04] Generally speaking people then do run away from things that are complex or frustrating to understand, so I think it is important for people working within sustinability field to try to make it as easy as possible for people. Not to oversimplify things cause we can also do that but to at least show people all the options that they have.

[07:34] I would say literally everything in a garment’s lifecycle is the reason we should be more conscious.

[08:08] There is no such things as away, it is gonna just end up in some other corner of our earth.

[11:51] Thrive the book

[14:35] Green Dreamer Podcast

[17:39] 2019 Green Dreamer Planners

[19:53] What has been one of your most important decisions that you have made around mama earth?


Final Five

1.What is one social media platform that you follow?

Green Matters

2.What is your hope for mama earth going forward?

 I hope that we collectively see how interconnected we all are. 

3.What advise can you give our crazy birds this week to help out mama earth?

 Take good care of yourself first.  Airlines always say, put your own mask on first before assisting others. 

4.What is one sustainability fact that you like to use in a room with people not yet on a sustainability journey?

 I don’t think there is one thing that I say. I really don’t preach to people up front, without knowing the context. It is also just not my personality to do so, but what I would do is to get to know the people first and ask questions learn about them, where they come from, what they care about and then see what the most relevant topic is. 

5.Where can people find you?





Green Dreamer Podcast

Conscious Fashion Collective

Eco Escapes

Key Take Away

“There is no such things as away, it is gonna just end up in some other corner of our earth.”

We often find ourselves, saying that we throw stuff away, from the food we eat to the clothing that we wear. But when we do throw something in a bin there is no away. The items might be out of sight out of mind, but they will unfortunately go either to a landfill, recycling facility or end up in our environment. Therefore they are never away, just placed in another location and therefore it is so important for us to make better choices and understand what it is that we are purchasing and to consider the entire lifecycle.



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