058: Be my sustainable valentine

A Sustainable Valentine's day

It is that time of the year again, where love is in the air, red roses are overpriced, chocolates seems to be flying off the shelves, and you can not find a restaurant booking anywhere. If you do not already know what I am talking about,  it is valentine’s day next week. Every year we seem that we have a more unsustainable gift as well as many items that do not sell on this day and then have to be disposed of after. So therfore I thought it well to today look at some ways that we can have a more sustainable valentines day.

Key Take Away

“Even though Valentine’s day only comes around once a year let’s try to show love as often as possible and not just because of a day in the calendar.

Let’s make every day a day that we show the loved ones in our lives that we appreciate them and love them. Let us not wait to shower them with gifts only on a commercial day of love. When you are planning to spoil them with gifts, why not make sure it is a sustainable gift as well.


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