069: How Team Angel Wolf’s determination have inspired others with Delphine Watson

In this episode, we talk to Delphine Watson. She is an inspirational woman and the glue that holds Team Angel Wolf together. Her son Rio was diagnosed with 1q44 deletion denovo syndrome, which causes him many disabilities but this has not stopped Rio from inclusive racing as part of #TeamAngelWolf in the last 4 years. Rio has now covered 5,820 kilometres by being included in swimming/cycling/running/tower climbs/obstacle/in the races. He has now covered a distance further than Dubai to London! 

During this episode, we take a look at what is Team Angel Wolf and how they as a family have made many changes to be more sustainable from home schooling to living in the sustainable city in Dubai.  

Where can people find Team Angel Wolf? 






“ It is here and now“

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