184: Virtual Reality, Real Impact with Briege Whitehead

In this episode, we talk to Briege Whitehead. She is the Founder and Creative Director of White Spark Pictures, driven by a passion for storytelling. Through her innovative work in film, she inspires change and elevates environmental awareness. A critically acclaimed director and executive producer, she has spearheaded numerous projects, including ‘Impossible Planet’ and ‘Beyond the Milky Way.’ Notably, her groundbreaking VR hit, ‘The Antarctica Experience,’ earned her the Channel 7’s Western Australian Young Achiever of the Year Award. Other awards include the 40under40 winner (2020), former SPA (Screen Producers Australia) ‘One-to-Watch,’ and the winner of the 2020 ECU International Alumni Award.

During this episode, we discussed how the origins of her sustainable journey intertwined storytelling with environmental advocacy, emphasizing the importance of factual content. We also delved into her groundbreaking VR project, ‘The Antarctica Experience,’ and explored some exciting new projects she has in the pipeline.

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Key Take Away

“You take it for granted when it is in your own backyard”

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