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Mama Earth Talk

079: Why cleaning with chemicals is bad for your health with Adrienne Doolan

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 chemical cleaning products contains ingredients known to cause human health or environmental problems? 

Our guest today is the CEO at Green Touches Echoes of Sustainability. She is a dedicated environmentalist. Striving to cause disruption in the cleaning and FM industry in the UAE and Middle Eastern region.  

Crazy birds, without any further ado, I would like to welcome, Adrienne Doolan. 


Where can people find Adrienne?







Key Take Away

“We need to coexist in harmony.”


*In the episode Adrienne mentioned that there are only 35 cleaning companies. There is in fact 35,000 cleaning companies and we had an issue with that section of the recording.


About the author, Mariska

Hi and welcome! My name is Mariska. I am originally from South Africa, but now call the world my home. I am an artist, designer, environmentalist, podcast host and speaker.

I started the Mama Earth Talk podcast in 2018 to share some of the things that I learned about just how easy it can be to reduce your impact on the environment. This then quickly grew into a forum that showcases the amazing things that many people are doing to make the planet better, and further into a source of hope and inspiration for many. A few of the amazing guests include Zero Waste Queen, Bea Johnson, Claude Silver, Kathryn Kellogg and zero waste chef Max La Manna.

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