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Mama Earth Talk


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Shirely Conlon

075: Why what you are putting on your skin matters

Did you know shampoo, lotion, and deodorant often contain a chemical that can cause as much damage to the environment…

Tom Outerbridge

074: How recycling can help out Mama Earth

Did you know that 90.5% of the world’s plastic waste has never been recycled? It is not only the plastic waste that…

Leesa Carter Jones

073: The power is yours

“The power is yours” – Captain Planet. If you remember this slogan then you might have seen Captain Planet before.…

Dr Martin Blake

072: How we would be able to help woman out of poverty?

Did you know women, on average, earn less than men in nearly every single occupation for which there is sufficient…

Jo England

071: How Tribe is leading the way, ethically and sustainably

Did you know that only 13% of the world’s cotton is produced sustainably?  When we look at furniture it is…

Badar Farooq

070: Why it is important for companies to be transparent on their sustainability

Did you know that 100 companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988?  …

Team Angel Wolf Family

069: How Team Angel Wolf’s determination have inspired others

Our guest today is an inspirational woman and the glue that holds Team Angel Wolf together. Her son Rio was…

Claude Silver

068: How to build a socially sustainable organisation and scale

In this week’s episode of Mama Earth Talk, I talk to Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at Vayner Media to…

Vanessa Woodthorpe Wright

067: How you can go plastic free on your period

Did you know the average woman uses 17,000 tampons or pads in her lifetime? Each disposable menstrual pad uses the…

Arabella Willing

066: How you can help save our turtles

Did you know that sea turtles have a 50 per cent higher chance of mortality once they’ve ingested 14 pieces…

Ryan Ingram

065: Why Should We Not Waste Our Food

Did you know that 1/3 of the food is wasted every year? This is 1 Trillion dollars worth of food…

Cheryl Sanders

064: How One Wrap Can Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Did you know the average family uses close to 1,000 plastic bags and 24 rolls of plastic wrap per year?…