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Tighe Brown

102: How Big Green is bringing the focus on food back to schools with Tighe Brown

In this episode, we talk to, Tighe Brown. She is the President of Big Green and has helped to create, build and implement educational programs for schools with learning gardens for the past seven years.

During this episode, we take a look at why it is important to grow food and to establish a connection with our food. Tighe tells us about their learning gardens and how their founders (Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson) dream of food education is changing the lives of many families.

Mariska Nell

101: We Made It to 2020 with Mariska Nell

In this episode, I am looking back at the last 100 episodes, (still can’t believe we made it to a 100) and discuss me moving to Brisbane. I also give you some tips on what you can do when you need to prep and pack for a move and share our goal for 2020.

Marina DeBris

100: How An Artivist Is Raising Awareness On Pollution with Marina DeBris

In this episode, we talk to, Marina DeBris. She is an artivist on a mission to eliminate waste and cruelty to other species.

During this episode, we take a look at some of her art pieces, the inspiration behind her art as well as some of the weirdest stuff she had picked up from the beach.

099: How A Plastic Ocean Is Changing our Habits with Jo Ruxton

In this episode, we talk to, Jo Ruxton. She is the founder and director at Plastic Oceans UK, producer and ambassador for the film A Plastic Ocean.

During this episode, we take a look at inspired her to work on the multi-award-winning film. We look at some of the worst things she has seen when it comes to plastic pollution and find out what we can do today to have a positive effect on our environment

098: How A Professional Surfer Is Making A Wave of Change with Frank Solomon

In this episode, we talk to, Frank Solomon. He is a professional surfer and the founder of ‘The Sentinel Ocean Alliance‘ and have also created a short film titles The Street Surfers.

During this episode, we take a look at how he has seen the ocean change over the years due to plastic pollution. We also talk about a differ type of surfer, The Street Surfers his short film is about and the important role they play in recycling and the hardships they go through to earn a living in South Africa. Frank also shares how he has used his passion for surfing to create a space where kids of the community can safely learn, play, feel inspired and fall in love with the ocean.

097: How one journalist is making a difference with Candice Batista

In this episode, we talk to, Candice Batista. She is an Award-Winning Environmental Journalist, Writer, Speaker, Educator. She’s also one of a few select Canadians hand-picked to be trained by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, to give the Inconvenient Truth Presentation.

During this episode, we take a look at greenwashing and fake news and how to better consume information to avoid that. We also look at why it is important to have television shows and news agencies shine a light on environmental issues. She also gave some tips to anyone wanting to start a career in eco journalism.


096: How we can shop more sustainable for clothing with Araceli Gallego

In this episode, we talk to, Araceli Gallego. She is an Entrepreneur & Storyteller with a passion for fashion, creativity, and sustainability. She is also a sustainable fashion advocate and the founder of Goshopia.

During this episode, we take a look at some of the secrets of the fashion industry as well as how fashion brands can be more sustainable. We also look at what exactly is slow fashion and how we can make a difference by supporting more sustainable brands.

Tatiana Abella

095: How we can drop our plastic habits with Tatiana Antonelli Abella

In this episode, we talk to Tatiana Antonelli Abella. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Goumbook, a Social Enterprise dedicated to raising awareness among the local community on Sustainability and Green Living. She is also the founder of the only tree planting initiative of the GCC, Give a Ghaf Tree Planting Program.

During this episode, we take a look at how her journey started and how providing clean water opens an entirely new view of life. We also look at why she wanted to plant Ghaf trees and why it is important to plant indigenous trees in your region. She also gave us some tips on how we can reduce our waste and drop plastic.

Tanya Daud

094: How a a theater-based collective is driving change with Tanya Daud

In this episode, we talk to Tanya Daud. She is the founder and CEO of Qissa’Go, a theatre-based collective, which focusses on the promotion, preservation and celebration of South Asian languages and literature.

During this episode, we take a look at the importance of preserving a language and how the loss of a language can lead to losing out on a culture. We also talk about how the effects on climate change have an impact, as many South Asian islands are being lost due to climate change and we are seeing more climate refugees leaving their home countries and the effects this has on their culture and heritage.

Isabel Aagaard

093: The Last Swab that you would ever need with Isabel Aagaard

In this episode, we talk to Isabel Aagaard. She is the co-founder of LastSwab, a dedicated Danish company creating sustainable alternatives to single-use items. They have designed a reusable cotton swab or q-tip to reduce the 550 billion cotton swabs that are produced every single year.

During this episode, we take a look at why they decided to start with the cotton swab and what their product is made off? We also look at ways that we can take care of our Last Swab and how they are so confident in their products that they offer an 11% refund. We also talked about all the copies of their product that is on the market and how to identify if a product is the real deal and live up to the Last Swab’s high standards.

Anne Aittomaki

092: How Plastic Change is making a change with Anne Aittomaki

In this episode, we talk to Anne Aittomaki. She is the is Strategic Director and CSO at Plastic Change, a Danish environmental NGO and fighting hard to break the exponential growth of plastic pollution.

During this episode, we take a look at some of the issues around the single-use culture we have. We also talk about how she and her team are educating many people through their great content and also provides us with some tips to help fight the plastic pollution problem.

091:How we can be more aware this pink October Lina Al-Sharif

In this episode, we talk to Lina Al-Sharif. She is the founder of Hooking Good and is currently going through her second time being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

During this episode, we take a look at her journey and how she discovered she had cancer, her treatment and how we can do our best to help people going through cancer and what not to ask someone that is going through this.