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Leif Cocks

085: How Palm Oil is destroying our Orangutans

In today’s episode, we talk Author, Speaker and the founder and president of the Orangutan Project, Leif Cocks. He and his…

Dr Bruce Bekkar

084: How is climate change affecting our health

In today’s’ episode we will be talking to Dr Bruce Bekkar. He is an M.D with over 20 years of experience. He is also a speaker…

Kevin Gelsi

083: How Nudie Jeans is making your jeans more sustainable

In today’s’ episode we will be talking to the Sustainability Coordinator at Nudie Jean’s head office, Kevin Gelsi. He has been in the denim business since…

Scott Wilson

082: How to downsize without downgrading?

In today’s’ episode we will be talking to the Design Director and Co-Founder of ZeroSquared, Scott Wilson. Scott and his team…

Tomi Hartmann

081: Why purchasing better quality furniture is more sustainable

In today’s’ episode we will be talking to the general manager of Fritz Kohl Middle East, Tomi Hartmann.  Fritz Kohl is one of…

Colette Barr

080: Why we all need Eco-Heroes

In today’s’ episode we will be talking to the founder of Save Our World and Author of The Eco-heroes environmental…


079: Why cleaning with chemicals is bad for your health

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 chemical cleaning products contains ingredients known to cause human health or…

Rebecca Price-Ruiz

078: How you can change your habits this Plastic Free July

Did you know that the most plastics that have been found in one single bird’s stomach was 274 fragments of…


077: Why companies should plan ahead

Did you know that long term business planning helps business leaders to think differently about the company’s direction? It can also help…

The last straw project

076: Why Single-use plastic bans are important

In the last week, we had some great news regarding the ban of single-use items. Therfore in today’s episode, I would…

Shirely Conlon

075: Why what you are putting on your skin matters

Did you know shampoo, lotion, and deodorant often contain a chemical that can cause as much damage to the environment…

Tom Outerbridge

074: How recycling can help out Mama Earth

Did you know that 90.5% of the world’s plastic waste has never been recycled? It is not only the plastic waste that…