030: Top Tip Thursday, Microplastics

MicroplasticsToday we are going to have a look at microplastic. These little particles seem to be making their way into the ocean, our environment, food chain and as a recent study has found microplastic in our guts.

Episode Highlights

What is microplastics?

They are extremely small pieces of plastic debris that we find in the environment. This debris varies in size less than 0.2 inches or 5mm in size.

Microplastics are mainly created through two sources.

Microplastics are surely making its way to our food system. Recently 1 out of 4 fish tested from a Californian fish market contained microplastics.

The first is to minimise the purchasing of new clothing or textiles that are made from new plastic fibres. Instead, invest in clothing made from natural fibres.

Make sure you recycle properly. Less than 10% of plastics are recycled.

Avoid purchasing products with plastic microbeads.

Try to wash your clothing less and in the cases that it does require a wash try to capture the microplastics.

Key Take Away

“Recently 1 out of 4 fish tested from a Californian fish market contained microplastics.”

Plastic seems to be everywhere and it is making its way into our food system as well. If we do not change our habits we will be facing more and more problems every single day.


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