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Mama Earth Talk

076: Why Single-use plastic bans are important with Mariska Nell

In the last week, we had some great news regarding the ban of single-use items. Therfore in today’s episode, I would like to take a moment to talk about why single-use plastic is a problem, and why it is important for us to get more governments and on board to change legislation and for the organisation also to do their part and provide people with more environmentally friendly options.


About the author, Mariska

Hi and welcome! My name is Mariska. I am originally from South Africa, but now call the world my home. I am an artist, designer, environmentalist, podcast host and speaker.

I started the Mama Earth Talk podcast in 2018 to share some of the things that I learned about just how easy it can be to reduce your impact on the environment. This then quickly grew into a forum that showcases the amazing things that many people are doing to make the planet better, and further into a source of hope and inspiration for many. A few of the amazing guests include Zero Waste Queen, Bea Johnson, Claude Silver, Kathryn Kellogg and zero waste chef Max La Manna.

If you do not already I urge you to follow me and my journey on social media (@designbymariska), and to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot your own waste using the handy tips I post!

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