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Sharjah Entrepreneur Festival

040: Top Tip Thursday, Entrepreneurs and Sustainability with Mariska Nell

In this episode, I am talking with a few entrepreneurs at the Sharjah Entrepreneur Festival about the role that entrepreneurs play in sustainability.

Some of the entrepreneurs included:

Tom Otton, Vishen Lakhiani, Alex Stifler, Dave Crane, Martin Scholtz, Salem Ahmed and Paris Norriss.

Kaméa Chayne

039: How we can be greener in our cupboards with Kaméa Chayne

In this episode, we talk to Kaméa Chayne. She is the host of Green Dreamer Podcast, the Founder of Conscious Fashion Collective, an author, and a Duke-certified Integrative Health Coach. She’s also been named “Millennial Pioneer in Sustainable Living” by Halfstack Mag and as one of the “Top Wellness Influencers” by Origin Magazine.

During this episode, we take a look at why it is important for us to be more conscious about what we wear and find out how we can make better choices right where we are on our journey.

The Water Footprint

038: Top Tip Thursday, The Water Footprint with Mariska Nell

In this episode, I will be sharing with you what exactly a water footprint is. If you are not sure what I am talking about and wondering if the water footprint might be the footprints you leave behind when getting out of the pool or shower. It is not quite those footprints I am referring to today. Everything we use, wear, buy, sell and eat uses water to make and can be measured for a single process, such as growing an apple, for a specific product that you have, the making of your pair of jeans to helping us in determining the water footprint of an entire company, country as well as the global total. We will also be looking at what the water footprint is for a few items like an apple, egg, chocolate and a few others to see exactly how much “water we use” every day.

Luke Morris

037: How a company is raising awareness for endangered species with Luke Morris

In this episode, we talk to Luke Morris. He is an entrepreneur and the creator of Wild Body Active and Wild Wood.

During this episode, we take a look at some of the endangered species their Wild Wood products are named after. We also look at how switching to a bamboo toothbrush can help the environment.

Black Friday

036: Top Tip Thursday, Black Friday with Mariska Nell

In this episode, I will be sharing with you what exactly is Black Friday and how it has turned into the biggest shopping day of the year. We also look at some companies like Patagonia that is sending the message that you should not purchase anything unless you need it. Even if the items in on sale. I will take a little recap to Bea Johnson’s 5 R’s and how they can help you avoid purchasing items you might regret afterwards.

Tiffany Threadgould

035: How we can turn our waste into treasures with Tiffany Threadgould

In this episode, we talk to Tiffany Threadgould. She is an eco-lifestyle expert who spreads do-it-yourself recycling goodness with simple solutions. She also has a published book, ReMake It and she is currently the Chief Design Junkie at TerraCycle, a mega recycling company.

During this episode, we take a look at how TerraCycle recycle hard to recycle items. What it takes to be a Chief Design Junkie, some of their upcycled art pieces that have created. Tiffany also gives us some tips on how we can upcycle at home.

034: Top Tip Thursday, Crazy Bird Questions with Mariska Nell

In this episode, I am answering some of the questions that I have been getting from all the crazy birds. I will be sharing with you some tips on how I have reduced our bin size, sending a lot less waste to landfill. How you can compost even if you live in an apartment. I also share with you my thoughts on clothing made from recycled plastic bottles and why I am not a fan. I will also provide you with some tips on how you can shop package free in your regular supermarket.

Sass Brown

033: Why sustainable fashion matters with Sass Brown

In this episode, we talk to Sass Brown. She is a journalist, writer, researcher and ethical fashion activist, as well as the author of two published books, Eco Fashion and ReFashioned. She has been in the fashion industry for more than 30 years as a fashion designer with a background in sustainable development. She was the founding Dean at DIDI a world-class Design Education in the Dubai Design District.

During this episode, we take a look at what exactly is fast fashion and the hidden price tag that it leaves behind for the environment and the garment workers to pay. We also looked at eco-brands and things to look out for to avoid greenwashing.

Guest Tips

032: Top Tip Thursday, Tips From Our Guests with Mariska Nell

In this episode, I am reflecting back on some of the amazing guests that we have had so far on the podcast. I have interviewed so many great guests and wanted to recap on some of the advice they gave to help us on our sustainable journey’s.

Paul Rubin

031: How Nude Foods are changing the way we shop with Paul Rubin

In this episode, we talk to Paul Rubin. He is the founder of Nude Foods the first plastic-free grocery in Cape Town, South Africa.

During this episode, we take a look at his journey that leading him to open a plastic-free store, some of the challenges he had as well as the client’s feedback on the old-school grocery with a modern twist. We look at the why plastic and packaging are as pointless as a bodysuit on a butternut.


030: Top Tip Thursday, Microplastics with Mariska Nell

In this episode, I will be talking to you about microplastic. These little particles seem to be making their way into the ocean, our environment, food chain and as a recent study has found microplastic in our guts. We will be looking at what exactly they are and I will also provide you with some tips for you to look out for when buying beauty products to make sure you do not buy something containing microplastics. I also provide tips on washing your clothes to reduce microplastics from entering our water sources as well.

Bea Johnson

029: How the Zero Waste Queen started her journey with Bea Johnson

In this episode, we talk to Bea Johnson. She is the global Zero-Waste Lifestyle originator, her book Zero Waste Home has been translated into over 20 languages and she also consults large corporations like IKEA and countries to address their waste issues.

During this episode, we take a look at how her journey started to now where her family of four only create a jar of trash a year and that also inspired a global waste-reducing movement following her 5 R’s. She also shares with us her tips for a capsule wardrobe and how we can shop zero-waste at our local store.