Toilet Bombs

There is nothing that I love more than a clean house, but cleaning a toilet has to be one of my least favourite things to do. Therefore, finding something that works well and is easy was a double win for me. They are so easy to use. All you need to do is drop one or two bombs in your toilet bowl and watch the magic happens. Give it around 5-10 minutes and then use your toilet brush to scrub all the way around and then flush away all the dirt.  



  • 150g Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
  • 70g citric acid  
  • 15g coconut oil 
  • 15 Drops of tea tree essential oil 


  • Combine sodium bicarbonate and citric acid together in a glass container.  
  • Add coconut oil and make sure everything gets mixed in well.  
  • Add tea tree essential oil and make sure it is mixed well. The mixture should be holding firm if you press it, if it is not doing that, you might want to add an extra teaspoon of coconut oil and mix again.   
  • Transfer the mixture into an ice-cube mould, I love using silicone moulds as it is super easy to remove your final product from the moulds.  
  • Set your moulds aside and leave for 24 hours. Now it is time to turn your moulds upside down and by gently taping your toilet bombs should fall out.  
  • Leave your toilet bombs for another 24-48 hours on a sheet of baking paper and let them dry further. This step is crucial! If they are not dry enough they will all stick together in your container and you will be left with one massive bomb that is hard to remove from your container. 
  • Once the toilet bombs are dry place them in a container and use them as needed. I usually use one or two toilet bombs per clean.

About the author, Mariska

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